Talk at NETINT's ASIC Based Transcoding for high-volume use cases

Tomorrow, Ampere’s John O’Neill, Ph.D. Principal Software Engineer and Sean Varley, Vice President of Business Development & Chief Evangelist at Ampere are speaking at NETINT Technologies Inc.'s Virtual Symposium!

The Benefit of Ampere Cloud Native Processors in Modern Video Services

John and Sean will describe how Ampere Processors based using a Cloud Native architecture delivers outstanding performance, predictability for video stream processing and low power consumption. The combination of NETINT VPUs and Ampere high-core-count CPUs are ideal for high volume video and content distribution operations like transcoding, streaming, VoD services as well as value added services like deinterlacing and Whisper transcription. Join the team as they describe the technical configurations and performance details in common uses to highlight the substantial benefits of this highly sustainable and cost-effective platform for volume video stream processing.

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