Weekend Read: Noisy Neighbors, a problem when you have to share

Do you remember that noisy neighbor you had in your first overpriced apartment? It was tough to get anything done at home because you never knew if it would be quiet or loud. But as soon as you found a better, quieter place without paying more, you jumped at the chance and never looked back. The same principle applies to servers. Right now, you are probably in your first cloud and might not realize that there is a safer, quieter world you could move to, AArch64.

For this week’s Weekend Read, check out Naren’s blog post that goes into more detail about what a noisy neighbor is and why you can get better, more predictable, and safer performance with the AArch64 architecture. And if you are out with the kids, here is the Amplified podcast with Naren and Mahesh Madhav about Noisy Neighbors. It is never too early for them to learn about SMT vs. Single Threaded architectures.

And since everyone keeps telling me that people respond to tweets with images, here is a picture of two dogs being noisy neighbors that will be in the tweet.


DALL E takes it more literary when you don’t ask it to be artistic :smiley:

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